Happy Two’s day from the Year 2’s

Today the 22 year 2’s in Room 22 celebrated TWO’s day.  

We had a fun filled day exploring the number ‘2’.  We asked the other Year 2 classes to join us in a scavenger hunt during walk and talk to find  the number 2’s scattered around the oval.

Throughout the day we practiced our skip counting and doubling numbers, looked for pairs of items, made a two’s day crown and turned the number 2 into some new drawings and tried to learn a 2’s day tongue twister.

Towards the end of the day, at 2:22pm all the other Year 2 classes joined us for a dance off and what a sight to behold on the verandah, as classes danced in congo lines with staff wearing tutu’s.

We finished off the day comparing what we were like at 2 and what it may it be like when we are 22 years old!