VFP: Kids-n-Planes, Dads v Plaits :) and Pizza!

The Vasse Fathering Project does it again! What a great evening we had to play with Planes, Plaits and Pizzas on Friday 25 Feb.

A “Well done and Thank you” must go out to the broader school community as this was a ‘really well attended’ event with such short notice.

Plus a huge thank you to Mr Mansfield for letting us use the quad as the basketball courts were way too windy.

With 199 Dads (or father figures) and awesome kids attending, creating planes from paper and cardboard, as well as bringing some amazing creative homemade ones, including a rocket, took flight for some ultra-cool prizes.

The talented staff from Cinco Hair Boutique were there in force, with four girls showing the Dads how to plait hair before coaching them through it.

The scene of some 30 Dads paying close attention to what was going on, and then having a go on their own child, was a sight to behold.

Many Dads made comment that this was the first time they had done it.  That alone puts real value as to why events like this are so important to the school community.

I must thank the P&C for supporting the event and an enormous thank you to Stephanie Argyle for her amazing help and support with getting it out to you all. (editor: thanks Brian – happy to help 🙂

We look forward to seeing you at the next event, keep your eyes on the socials for updates.

Brian Blanchard
Vasse Fathering Project Coordinator