Harmony Day – Everyone belongs

Harmony Day - Everyone Belongs 1

Vasse Primary School was awash in a sea of orange on Tuesday 21 March to celebrate and recognise our diversity that brings together Australians from all different backgrounds. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.​

Year 6 students addressed the whole school speaking about what Harmony Day means to them, before singing “Imagine” beautifully to the whole school.

This was followed by each student planting a handmade flag in the sandpit, which as a whole symbolised the wonderful multicultural society in which we live.

Imagine a world where people are equal
Whatever race or gender, we’re all still people
We could all be respectful live in harmony
Make our way kindly, with no bullies.

How we speak, how we look, where we come from, who we love
Respect for everyone who calls Australia home, We’ve got an
ancient past, told through stories and song, we need to
build communities, where everyone belongs.

Accepting and existing without conflict or troubles
Welcoming our future with our unique cultures, inclu-
sivity, diversity, assimilate, celebrate
No more prejudice and please, no more hate.