Students discover cave ‘bacon’ at Ngilgi Cave


2019 T3 Yr5 Ngilgi IMG 6197 2019 T3 Yr5 Ngilgi IMG 6202

On Thursday 8th August, Rooms 11, 5 and 6 had a day out exploring and learning about Ngilgi Cave and Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. The students discovered cave ‘bacon’, sang songs in the depths of the cave to test the acoustics, and used a gusty westerly wind to blowdry their hair at 123m above sea level. They also happened to learn a lot about how these natural and man-made features were formed, how they are important to the traditional land owners (Wardandi people) and the local community through tourism, and why it is important that these unique places are preserved and maintained for future generations. The weather was kind; experience invaluable; smiles large; and eyes weary on the bus ride home. A great day out in our beautiful South-West!

Ian Ferguson, Tom Light, Clare Wiltshire-Skipper
2019 T3 Yr5 Ngilgi IMG 6207      2019 T3 Yr5 Ngilgi IMG 6210